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App Store Optimization, or ASO, is a great tool to help you reach the top of all the search results in the iOS and Android App Stores. In 2024, ASO will still play a pivotal role in defining your app’s success.

Every year, the number of applications available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store is increasing.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization is a technique to enhance an app’s, or in your case, your Gojek Clone app’s, visibility on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The entire process involves optimizing the Gojek-like app’s description, adding keywords, optimizing app titles, using the right tags and categories, etc.

In simpler terms, ASO helps you boost your ranking in the app store’s search results.

Why is it important?

ASO helps businesses connect with the relevant audience. Through ASO, you can also convey your app’s unique selling point, which will allow you to boost installs. More installations mean multiplying the traffic on the application and increasing the chances of conversions.

What Components are Included in App Store Optimization?

Some of the key components of ASO are:

App Title

It is the name of the application that is displayed in the search results. The app title should always be concise and eye-catching, and it must have relevant keywords in it.

App Description

It is the text that describes or tells the user what the app is all about. From its features, benefits, and functions, the description incorporates all the essential information about the app that the user should know. When talking about ASO, the description also includes relevant keywords.


To write the best app store titles and descriptions, you need to identify the most appropriate keywords. You need tools to identify the most trending keywords that most people are searching for. Also, try to identify and use the keywords that other Gojek-like apps are using in their app store listings.

App’s Previews

To make your App Store page more appealing, you should add screenshots of your application or other graphical previews. It will help the users understand your app’s functions and how it looks, and it will urge them to install and explore your app.

App Icon

To make your app store page more stunning, you have to add the app icon. Make sure that it perfectly conveys your brand’s message and is eye-catching.

Ratings and Reviews

To attract more customers and get more downloads, you should add honest reviews and ratings of your real customers. Other people’s opinions matter to customers, and ratings or reviews can influence the user’s decisions. Even if you have negative reviews, respond with respect and try to convey that you’re doing your best to curb the issue.

Genre or Category tags

It is essential to choose the right app genre or category. It will ensure that people can find you on the app store. In short, launching your app in the right category on the app store is crucial to boosting your visibility and getting discovered by users.


It means that your app can be discovered by people from different regions and in different languages. Localization also involves using region-specific keywords so that you can reach more and more people across the globe.

App Release Note

You also need to provide a detailed note on the app store related to your release notes. It will keep your users updated and tell them you are actively improving your application and fixing the bugs.

ASO Secrets 2024: What You Need to Know

Use these tips to optimize your app store and boost its visibility.

A/B Testing

Try and experiment continuously with different app store elements. Use the titles, descriptions, high-quality screenshots, and other effect components that can help you get more installs. Use tools that can help you automate the entire process of testing or simply help you create better descriptions, titles, and subtitles.

ASO Analytics

It is a good practice to consistently track key metrics like your app downloads, conversion rates, rankings, and so on. Analyzing all of these components will help you understand what’s working out for you and what’s not. Moreover, you can use the insights to form optimization strategies.

Use App Store Search Ads

Other than using the organic ASO methods, you can consider using search ads as well. It will allow you to use the target keyword strategically and show your ads to a relevant audience base. In simpler terms, using App Store ads, you can easily drive traffic, which is the first step in successful customer conversion.

Add clips

Other than using high-quality screenshots and graphics, you can leverage the feature of adding clips to your app store listing. Short videos have better chances of attracting users as they are eye-catching and much more grasping. Therefore, to attract more users, add short clips to the iOS and Android app stores showcasing your Gojek Clone app’s features, benefits, and unique functions.

Final Words

ASO is an ongoing process. There is no single standard plan that works for all app owners to go viral on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Use different methods to see what fits your needs and what brings more traffic to your application.

As a bonus, you can ask people about how they discovered your Gojek Clone application in a small survey. It will help you understand which channel has the most potential for getting you users. Try to evolve with time, experiment with different practices, and use the gathered data to its best potential if you want to see the results. Try to implement all the ASO secrets mentioned above if you are aiming to get a good ranking on the app stores and succeed in 2024.

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