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We get the same question once a week: what should I look for in a perfect social media marketer. It’s a vital question that is getting even more critical as businesses build their online presence.

The perfect social media marketer can seem like a mysterious new breed with superhuman abilities. They can text quickly, post more pictures on Facebook than grandpa did his whole life, and hold their phones in a way that makes for the best selfies on Instagram.

But even though their skills may seem mysterious, perfect social media marketers are just savvy at marketing. Finding someone who is good at their job and knows how to use the latest digital tools can be difficult. However, if you keep the following in mind, it will be a little easier.

5 Ways to Hire the Perfect Social Media Marketer

1. Find a true marketer

 Marketing is both a subject and a job. Too often, businesses think that social media marketing can be done by anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account. But anyone can write a Facebook post, but not everyone knows what a business needs to do to market itself. Find someone with proven experience building an audience, promoting a brand, and working with a team or agency to get and keep customers.

2. Find someone who can think critically

Perfect social media marketer analyses, tests, takes risks, and finds a balance between new ideas and tried-and-true methods. They know that marketing is a process of trying things out and learning from them, so they don’t expect results immediately. They also know that the market is competitive and that what works today won’t always work.

Ask people you want to hire about a theory they’ve tested to get new customers in the past. Question them about how they came up with the idea, tried it, and the results. A good candidate will give you a well-thought-out answer full of details and won’t just shoot from the hip.

3. Do the job perfectly

A plan is only as great as how it is carried out. Because social media is so tactical, it takes someone with patience, focus, and the right skills.

A few months ago, a small business called me because it tweeted daily but wasn’t getting any visitors to its site. The company wanted to find out what it should change. I looked at their old tweets (they were using a system that kept track of everything), and none of them had links to the website. If there are no links, there will be no visitors. In this case, they would give the social media to an intern who just needed more training and supervision. The problem wasn’t a lack of money or people; it was the intern’s lousy work.

When you talk to your new hire’s references, think about how well they did their jobs. Ask them how accurate and valuable your candidate’s previous work was. Did they show they could kill? Was there anything wrong with the quality of the work? Were any of the due dates missed? Ask what kinds of mistakes or blind spots this person made often (since even All-stars have them).

4. Don’t look for people who are famous on social media

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire a social media influencer. But it would help if you had people who aren’t so focused on their brand that they can’t change their voice and tone to match yours. Look at their feeds critically to see how they’ve gained and kept followers. It would help if you also looked at their professional work to ensure they can be loyal and put a brand first.

5. Get involved once you’ve hired someone

Since social media isn’t magic, you should plan to spend some time explaining to your new employee how your company works. You have all the stories that would make you enjoy social media. Not at all. Once hired, help them with those stories and the content and images. Don’t think they’ll perform miracles while you’re playing golf.

You should also help people understand what is expected of them and take the time to figure out the work’s long-term value. Show that you will follow through with your social media plans. You can also help by ensuring your perfect social media marketer sets goals and sticks to them. You’re all in this together, and you’ll all win.


So, I hope this guide was helpful for you and will help you in hiring the perfect social media marketer out there, but in case you don’t, you can also employ a perfect social media marketer from bespoke web design agency in UK. They will surely help you.

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